The Bears

Sept 2020
I was having lunch at Farmhouse B&B Irori one afternoon with Nobuko-san and Tetsuji-san, both in their eighties. We were talking about how wild animals, especially bears, were eating the fruits from their farm.
“It is always a competition between the bears and Katsuaki (her son) over who will be first to get to the Shine Muscats”, Nobuko-san said.
“Who wins?” I asked
“Of course the bears!”, she said. “Just when he thinks that maybe he should wait one more day for the grapes to ripen more—the bears get to them”.
Tetsuji-san was having his soup. He placed the finished bowl on the table and said,
“Humans overthink, that’s why we always lose to Nature”
He spoke those words so casually and went on with eating the next food item, but his words stuck with me and made me feel that I should never forget what he said.

「誰が勝ちますか?」と 私は聞いた。

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